Who am I? Who are we?

Quite a brave post from someone I went to Uni with – its hard to admit after dedicating 3 or 4 years and enormous amounts of money to a degree, that there may have been a better way to achieve the jobs we want.


“Graduation is soon, I bet you can’t wait to get that job you’ve studied so hard for.”

“Oh, so you graduated last summer, what have you been doing since?”

“I know, it’s hard but keep trying, something will come up.”

How many of us graduates have heard these phrases, the progression of eagerness to graduate and get that dream career you’ve studied for to the frustration of not finding that job or to the embarrassment of having nothing after months of trying and countless job applications.

It’s a common debate, working vs further education. Everyone will have a different view on the debate, whether based on their experience or it could be a parent who says, “I wish i had that opportunity.” But each opinion is never really based on fact. It’s down to experience and emotion so lets look at a few facts, maybe then we can make a more…

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