Social Media Cold Turkey – out of sight, out of mind?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, mainly because my poor family and friends don’t have enough hours in their days to listen to the amount of things that I have to say! Hopefully I can channel some of my gobbiness into this blog and people can pick and choose what they want to read!

So why now? Well the reason I’m finally doing this now is maybe a bit ironic. I did a bit of an experiment recently where I banned myself from social media for a month, and people were so interested in why I was doing this and whether I would last, that I figured I’d share the experience in my first ever series of blog posts! So here goes…

Last Day before Social Media Cold Turkey (19th October 2014) – out of sight, out of mind?

So I’m preparing for my month logged out of social media and I’m quite looking forward to it! I’ve decided to try this after thinking lately about just how much we rely on social media and how many times a day we use it; I’ve been reading some really interesting (and sort of disturbing) articles about internet and social media addiction.

I don’t think I’m one of the most active people on social media but still, I am a little scared everyone’s going to forget I exist! I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m a bit manic tonight, making sure everyone has my number and knows that I won’t be on social media for the next month and I’m not just ignoring them if they message me!

To be honest I put this back a week because I refused to stop using social media while planning my best friend’s baby shower. The thought of having to contact everyone separately without the use of group messages on Facebook was more than I could bear! Yes I know this is the definition of a first world problem!

But I’m not making any more excuses, so tonight I’m logging out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and anything else I find on my phone that constitutes a social network. When I’ve told people what I’m doing there’ve been mixed responses. Some people have said “enjoy” and sounded almost jealous. As if they wish they could do it! Others have said there’s no way I’ll do it, usually by betting how long I’ll last (the guesses are invariably under a month).

Either way everyone seems to see it as a pretty big deal! Maybe I’m going to miss it more than I’m expecting!!

3 thoughts on “Social Media Cold Turkey – out of sight, out of mind?”

  1. Great post … You have a fun style! I’m totally w/ you on this, even tho’ my site relies on The Internet. I admit, I’m addicted to The Internet, but recently I’ve been giving serious thought to trading my smart phone in for a flipper so that I can – at least – break myself of checking into FB and email countlessly throughout the day. I look forward to reading how your Cold Turkey went 😉

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  2. Thank you! I’m very new to this but enjoying it so far. So many people say when they’re forced to have an old non-Smarphone that they enjoy the freedom of not being able to log on to social media/emails etc.
    I got really interested in this stuff through writing my undergrad dissertation and now reading bits and pieces as preparation for a potential PhD

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